Question: Who was Lauren Alaina dating recently?

Heres what happened with Lauren Alaina and Alex Hopkins relationship. In 2012, when she was 17, Lauren Alaina began dating aspiring actor Alex Hopkins and the two announced their engagement in July of 2018.

Is Lauren Alaina single?

Alaina is a Christian and often states that she lives for Jesus Christ. In 2012, Alaina began dating Alexander Hopkins. In July 2018, the couple announced that they had become engaged. In January 2019, they announced that they had split after six years.

How did Jon Pardi meet his fiance?

Country music star Jon Pardi and wife Summer Duncan Pardi have been going strong since they first met in 2017 through Jons mother, Shellie Harrington! Their first encounter involved Summer flying out with a friend to Denver, Colorado to watch Jon perform at the Grizzly Rose. They have been inseparable ever since!

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