Question: How do you tell someone you want a relationship over text?

How do you subtly let a guy know youre interested over text?

When youre with him, ask for his number so youll have a way to text him and send him flirty texts to get him thinking about you. Let him know youre interested over text by sending flirty responses and cracking jokes with him; a winky face emoji can always help.

Can you DTR over text?

Yes, Its Possible To DTR Over Text, & Heres How To Pull It Off Successfully. If youve been casually dating someone and you want to make it official, its probably going to take — drumroll — a conversation that defines your relationship.

How do you ask a guy for a relationship over text?

Ask him out directly. When you text him, say that you want to go out with him and ask him if he would be interested in doing that. Its important that he knows you are asking him out. For example, dont say, “I havent dated much recently and you seem like you havent either.

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