Question: What number is WAP in the charts?

WAP broke the record for the biggest 24-hour debut for an all-female collaboration on YouTube. WAP earned the position 11 on IFPIs year-end singles chart with only 4 months and 3 weeks of tracking. WAP had the most searched lyrics on Google in 2020.

Where did WAP go on charts?

1 streams & sales: WAP roars in at No. 1 on both the Streaming Songs and Digital Song Sales charts, with 93 million U.S. streams and 125,000 downloads sold in the week ending Aug. 13, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

Cardi Bs new single WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion goes straight to Number 1 on the Official Trending Chart. The anthem - which broke Cardi Bs website upon announcement last week - is on course to debut at Number 5 this week with over 2.6 million streams racked up in the UK so far this week.

Why is Cardi Bs WAP so popular?

In the lyrics, Cardi and Megan discuss how they want men to please them, using several sexual references. WAP received widespread critical acclaim for its sex-positive message, while some conservative commentators criticized its explicit nature.

How is WAP so popular?

“WAP” is the epitome of female empowerment. The song and video were an immediate success. The music video itself racked up over 26 million views in its first 24 hours on YouTube, making it the biggest debut for an all-female collaboration on the platform.

Is WAP a good thing?

On Twitter and beyond, doctors expressed that a WAP is not a sign in and of itself of a vaginal infection. Vaginal discharge can be a sign of vaginal infections but all vaginas have discharge. “In my medical opinion, its normal — important even — for women to have a WAP,” said Dr.

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