Question: Where is Jessica from Love Is Blind?

After Love Is Blind finished airing, Jessica decided to make a major life change and move to California from her home in Atlanta, Ga.

What happened to Jessica on Love Is Blind?

In the end, Jessica couldnt go through with her wedding to Mark. Instead, she walked away from Love Is Blind single, but with a virtual target on her back. But now, it appears Jessica has moved on, as she speaks highly of her new boyfriend in the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

Who is Jessica from Love Is Blind with now?

Her new boyfriend is a doctor named Dr Benjamin McGrath, whos a foot and ankle surgeon. Benjamin has two children from a previous relationship. Opening up about their relationship, Jessica revealed to fans they met while they were riding bikes on the beach.

Do Giannina and Damian get back together?

Giannina and Damian were one of the couples who made it to the altar but didnt go through with their TV wedding. Although they didnt have a great relationship on the show, they surprised viewers by saying that they were dating again. They made this announcement at the Love Is Blind reunion in 2020.

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