Question: How much does Tinder cost UK?

How much is tinder gold in the UK?

UK users can also buy Tinder Gold for £4.66 a month on a six-month basis or £3.50 a month when bought in advance on a 12-month basis.

Do you have to pay for tinder in the UK?

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are premium subscriptions that come in monthly, six month or yearly packages. Signing up to a month-to-month subscription means youll be charged once a month .How much does Premium cost?Monthly priceTinder Plus£4.99Tinder Gold£7.49

How much does it cost to be on tinder?

Tinder uses the freemium business model — like Spotify and LinkedIn — that allows anyone to use the service for free, but charges for advanced features through an upgraded version called Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus costs $9.99 a month for users under 30 years old and $19.99 for those 30 and above.

Which Tinder is best to buy?

If you dont live in a heavily populated area, Tinder Plus is better than Tinder Gold. After all, youll find out whos already swiped right on your profile just by hopping on the dating app. If youre in a rural area where you dont get many matches, it wont take long to figure it out.

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