Question: Should you ask a girl out straight away on tinder?

when to ask a girl out on tinder? Wait till a week or two before asking her out on a date because you dont want to be seen as forceful. When you feel like the time is right, do it. While asking, you can tell her that you guys can meet at a certain place for drinks or lunch.

How long should you wait to ask a girl out on Tinder?

You should definitely ask her sooner rather than later. 48 hours isnt too much time. Ask her, set the time and place, and if she says yes, dont worry about the downtime. Its good not to communicate all the time, it shows that you both have things going on in your lives.

Should you ask for a date right away on Tinder?

Its better to send the best idea youve got rather than waiting. According to data from Tinder, 95% of matches are most likely to meet between two and seven days after matching. In other words, if theres someone you think youll really like, dont wait to make your move.

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