Question: Are there any dating sites in Eastbourne UK?

Is Eastbourne rough?

The area is well-policed and according to official statistics, overall crime rates in Eastbourne are moderate. Despite crime rates increasing a little over the past three years, the levels of serious crime remain low.

Is Eastbourne safe at night?

Like any coastal town, Eastbourne centre is definitely a no-go area late at night, especially at the weekend - think there is quite a lot of trouble - booze and drug related I believe.

Is Eastbourne safe to live?

With an average crime rate of around 72 crimes per 1000 people, Eastbourne is considered to be a relatively safe town with similar figures to the national average. Crime here is higher than the Sussex average, although statistically safer than the likes of Brighton, Hastings and Crawley.

What celebrities live in East Sussex?

We all know about Piers Morgan, Zoe Ball, Fatboy Slim and Paul McCartney. These celebrities all have widely reported affiliations with Sussex and are recognised as some of the most famous names locally. Peter Andre also had a well documented stay in the south east.

What is the crime rate like in Eastbourne?

Eastbourne Crime Overview The overall crime rate in Eastbourne in 2020 was 75 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares poorly to East Sussexs overall crime rate, coming in 10% higher than the East Sussex rate of 68 per 1,000 residents.

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