Question: Whats the best thing to do with your best friend?

What special things can you do for your best friend?

Take them out to something fun Time together is always fun, but unusual trips make for extra-special memories. If youre celebrating a birthday or the end of a semester, make your best friend happy by doing something fun and different. Some great ideas would be ice skating, rock climbing, or the zoo.

What can two friends do together?

6 things to do with your friends (even if you cant be there in Have a games night. There are lots of websites and apps that can help you and your friends get together for some virtual fun and games. Watch a movie together. Have a study session. Catch up properly. Start a book club. Cook together.

Where should I go with my best friend?

Best Places to Travel with Friends: 15 Trips for Best FriendsLas Vegas, Nevada. Cartagena, Colombia. Nashville, Tennessee. Paris, France. Hawaii, USA. Iceland is a top place to travel with friends for adventure seekers. New York City, NY. Barcelona, Spain.More items •Dec 30, 2020

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