Question: Why do I prefer monogamy?

Why do we prefer monogamy?

Monogamy provides a simple and clear focus for our romantic lives. Monogamy provides explicit constraints on behavior. Monogamy is legally recognized and provides certain protections. Monogamy is socially recognized and serves as a rapid signal of character to strangers.

What is the point of monogamy?

Monogamy means exclusivity in a relationship. Many religions support and sometimes require monogamy. The US federal government and all 50 states require monogamous marriages. Polyamory is having more than one sexual or romantic partner.

Are humans meant to live alone?

We are not meant to live alone. We are meant to live in caring communities with people to turn to for love and connection, and for help when we need it. Without caring family, community, or friends to turn to, we lack the connection with others that we all need.

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