Question: Can Kik track your IP?

Kik doesnt see or store chat message text in our systems, and we dont ever have access to this information. Available information might include first and last name, email address, IP addresses, account creation date, and device type and manufacturer.

Can you be tracked through Kik?

Kik does not track the content of messages or the phone numbers of users, making it difficult for police to find identifying information in child pornography cases.

Can people find your location using Kik?

The temp location sharing technology now makes it so Kiks 150 million subscribers can easily share their whereabouts with their buddies from within the messaging app. The new feature is aptly named Glympse for Kik and works within the familiar messenger app to share your location with your friends and contacts.

Why does Kik want to know my location?

If you do not permit your mobile device to provide us with location information, or location information is not available from your device for technical reasons, we may use your IP address or information about the WiFi SSID from which you access the Services to determine an approximate geographic location for your

Can you Unsend a Kik message?

Now, one option that you do have is to deactivate your Kik account. By doing this, nobody will be able to message your Kik username, add you on Kik, and all of your chat messages will be “cached” for a few days until they are automatically deleted.

Does Kik delete pictures?

How do I delete a picture that I have sent on Kik? Click and hold the picture you want deleted. Paste or delete should pop up; select delete, and it will be gone,though it will not be deleted from the person you sent it to in chats. Sadly, you cannot do that on Kik Messenger as of the current updates.

What does text my Kik mean?

What Does Kik Mean? You couldve got a message on Tinder, Instagram, or Snapchat, which reads something like Kik? or Kik me. This is simply a request to add you on the messaging app.

How do I retrieve old Kik messages?

How to Recover Deleted Kik Messages in Four WaysGo to Settings and tap Account.Tap Backup and Restore and click Restore.Go to Settings and tap your account name.Tap Backup & Restore and then select the backup.Click Restore to start recovering Kik messages to your Android phone.Select SD card to scan.More items •26 Mar 2021

Can you get old Kik conversations back?

The answer is YES. Kik deletes old messages automatically. On Kik for Android, you can see the last 600 messages in the chats you had within 2 days. And for older chats, only the last 200 messages are kept on your device.

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