Question: What are the 3 meaning of courtship?

the act of wooing in love; solicitation of woman to marriage. Courtshipnoun. courtliness; elegance of manners; courtesy. Courtshipnoun. court policy; the character of a courtier; artifice of a court; court-craft; finesse.

What is the three meaning of courtship?

Courtship is the activity of courting or the time during which two people are courting. [old-fashioned] They were more interested in courtship and cars than in school. After a short courtship, she accepted his marriage proposal. Synonyms: wooing, courting, suit, romance More Synonyms of courtship.

What is the meaning for courtship?

English Language Learners Definition of courtship : the activities that occur when people are developing a romantic relationship that could lead to marriage or the period of time when such activities occur. : the behavior of animals that leads to sexual activity or the period of time when such behavior occurs.

What are the different types of courtship?

Virtual dating, chatting on-line, sending text messages, conversing over the telephone, instant messaging, writing letters, and sending gifts are all modern forms of courting. Courtship varies both by time period and by region of the world. One way courtship varies is in the duration; courting can take days or years.

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