Question: What is lumberjack fantasy?

Lumberjack fantasies = imagining or dreaming you are a lumberjack or are with lumberjack(s) in some way maybe in a relationship of some kind. See a translation.

What are some lumberjack words?

lumberjackcruiser.feller.logger.lumberman.trimmer.birler.bucker.lumber cutter.More items

Why do lumberjacks dress like that?

As an aside, back in the days of old, lumberjacks didnt wear white sox. Instead, they did their best to put on wool fabrics. The reasons are obvious; warmth and comfort.

Whats a lumberjack breakfast?

Filters. (Canada) A large breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon, sausages, and pancakes.

Whats a good lumberjack name?

100 Lumberjack Chic Baby Names for Boys & GirlsPaul: The great Paul Bunyan is the lumberjack in American folklore. Forest: Dont think about Gump in this case. Ewan: Meaning born of the yew tree, the name Ewan has a rugged and slightly wild feel, perfect for a lumberjack type.More items •26 Jan 2015

What do lumberjacks call pancakes?

When you think of lumberjack fare, you might think of pancakes, although were not sure why. This New York Times article makes the connection between Finnish loggers and their affinity for their homelands flapjacks, which “bear no resemblance to fluffy American-style,” but are dinner plate-sized, heavy, and dense.

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