Question: What do green flags mean?

Green flags – Green flags mean drain lines and sewers. Cutting this line could release poisonous gasses and flood the neighborhood.

What are red flags and green flags?

The green flag is meant to indicate that a person does agree with, or does like something, and the red flag is meant to indicate that a person does not agree with, or does not like something.

Which country has green on its flag?

The national flag of Libya was changed at that time to reflect Libyan revulsion at Sādāts break with the anti-Israel front of Arab states. In its place Qaddafi established a plain green flag in November 1977, symbolic of the “Green Revolution” that he promised would bring a new life for the people.

What Colour is on most flags?

Red The most frequent are the three-coloured flags. And the most frequent combination of colours is White/Red/Blue ColourPercentRed30.30Blue21.15White19.12Green15.336 more rows•Jun 8, 2012

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