Question: How do you act cool after a one night stand?

How do you stop feelings after a one-night stand?

If you are guilty of this, we bring you the rules of the game to ensure you dont complicate things for yourself.Pick the right person. Do not have a one-night stand with someone you know or worse, someone you fancy. Keep it impersonal. Dont exchange details. Focus on the bad.23 Aug 2014

How do you play it cool after hooking up?

Here are some things you simply must do in order to play it way cool for this new guy in your life:Dont lose your cool. Learn from your past mistakes. Stop dwelling on the past. Take it slow. Dont freak out because hes not texting you back. Do not talk about being crazy. Stop talking about all the HOOKUPS youve had.More items •24 Jul 2015

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