Question: Why is it called Mount Gambier?

It lies at the foot of Mount Gambier (623 feet [190 metres]), an extinct volcano with four crater lakes that was sighted in 1800 by Lieutenant James Grant of the Royal Navy, who named it after Admiral James (later Lord) Gambier.

What is the nickname of Mount Gambier?

The Limestone Coast Mount Gambier is the major service centre for the tourism region known as The Limestone Coast.

Why is the Blue Lake Blue in Mt Gambier?

The clear water in the Blue Lake turns vibrant blue in summer for two reasons. Pure water tends to scatter light in the blue range, small particles (such as CaCO3 or calcium carbonate crystals) scatter light in the blue-green range and dissolved organic matter (tannins) scatter in the yellow-brown range.

Was the blue lake a volcano?

The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier occupies one of the craters of the extinct volcano after which the city has been named. Early each November, the lakes sombre blue, which is in evidence during the winter months, mysteriously changes to an intense deep turquoise blue almost overnight.

Is Mount Gambier dormant or extinct?

The most recent eruptions were around 5000 years ago at Mount Schank and Mount Gambier. The area is considered dormant, which means it is not currently active, but could become active at any time.

Can you swim in the Little Blue Lake Mt Gambier?

In short, its a volcanic sinkhole in the middle of a paddock that the public can swim in! The Little Blue Lake is located in the Kanawinka volcanic area between two dormant volcanoes, Mount Schank and Mount Gambier. Experienced swimmers only due to depth of water. Cliff jumping is dangerous and prohibited.

Does Blue Lake have fish?

Fishing at Blue Lake is available from shore or by boat. The lake is stocked by the California Dept of Fish and Wildlife. All anglers over the age of 16 must have a current CA Fishing License in possession. A wheelchair accessible fishing platform is available.

Can the hummock erupt again?

Dormant volcano is one that is inactive and will erupt in the future like Mt St Helens in the USA. Given that the Hummock erupted one million years ago, and it is of the style of volcano that erupts once, the Hummock itself will not be the site of a future eruption.

What is Australias largest extinct volcano?

The Tweed volcano is one of the largest volcanoes in the world. It was originally around 100km in diameter. Its lava flows all the way east to the Pacific Ocean.

Is Mt Gambier still active?

The Newer Volcanic Province has about 400 volcanoes stretching from Melbourne to Mount Gambier, and it is the main volcanic region in Australia considered to be still active. Mount Gambiers Blue Lake and the nearby Mount Schank are Australias most recently active volcanoes, having erupted about 5,000 years ago.

Is Mount Gambier nice place to live?

Mount Gambier is a great spot. Its a good sized city with everything you could possibly need. And it is in a beautiful area. The city is well laid out with some nice houses.

Why cant you swim in the Blue Lake Mt Gambier?

You cant swim in it as it is the towns water supply. They are very careful about rubbish being washed into it from the streets too, so it is kept in very good condition.

Can you swim in Blue Lakes CA?

Blue Lakes is spring-fed, leaving it unaffected by larger climatological factors that many are experiencing across western North America. That means the waters are clean, ideal for swimming and fishing, pretty much year-round.

Does Blue Lakes have a bottom?

The Blue Lakes are two of the most charming lakes in the State. They lie at the bottom of a long, deep valley which rises with almost precipitous sides from the water; intense blue is surrounded by the perpetual green of the dark coniferous forest about them.

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