Question: How do I get a Raya reference?

How can I get referral for Raya?

Part of the application process entails selecting a current member from your contact list so that they can provide a referral. It could be a friend, coworker, sibling, or even an acquaintance you met at your buddys pickup basketball game. As long as you have their phone number, youre golden.

How long does Raya take to accept?

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved on Raya? According to Rayas support page, users can be approved in as little as one week, but some users may see wait times up to six months.

Does everyone get waitlisted on Raya?

Heres how to get off Rayas waitlist. Raya has about 100,000 people on its waitlist. According to Elite Dating Managers, men may be more likely to be accepted than women. Some people can spend weeks or months on the waitlist, so dont worry.

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