Question: Is it possible to date an Aquarius man?

Odds are that if youre dating an Aquarius man, youre probably pretty attracted to their cool-headed, detached demeanor. Their quirky air sign nature makes you want to loosen up a bit and not overanalyze your situation, which can make for an amazing time.

What its like dating an Aquarius man?

Characteristics of an Aquarius man When youre introduced to an Aquarius male, youll quickly see that hes one of a kind. And thats what makes an Aquarian so attractive. The Aquarius male is clever, creative and above all, original. He amazes people time and time again with his incredible mind and way of thinking.

What you need to know about dating an Aquarius man?

He easily detaches from his feelings, so your relationship will be lacking when it comes to lovey-dovey moments. And dont even try to push him to be more romantic or intimate—hes a fixed sign with unmatched stubbornness, so he wont budge! Aquarius men also tend to cause a commotion wherever they go.

What sign is Aquarius man attracted to?

Aquarius gets along great with Gemini and Libra. They are both air signs and can keep up with each others mental pace. Aries is another awesome match for Aquarius. Aquarius is endlessly fascinating to Aries, so the fire signs interest is never lost.

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