Question: Why is CDO called Golden Friendship?

Cagayan de Oro is also called the City of Golden Friendship because of the warm welcoming smiles and the utmost hospitality of the locals. There are many things to do and experience in this city, such as the popular white water rafting and the countrys biggest waterpark: Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort.

How Cagayan de Oro got its name rising action?

HOW DID CAGAYAN DE ORO GOT ITS NAME? Pre-War folks said that Cagayan came from “Cagaycay, ” an ancient Bukidnon word meaning to rake in the earth either with ones bare hands or with a piece of wood. It also means rocks gathered from the river or ores raked in from the hillside or streams.

What is the largest valley in the Philippines?

Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley is the second largest Philippine administrative region by land area .Cagayan Valley.Cagayan Valley Region IILocation in the PhilippinesCountryPhilippinesIsland groupLuzonRegional centerTuguegarao City16 more rows

Is Cola part of minimum wage?

Under Wage Order No. 22, the P10 cost of living allowance (COLA) will also become part of the basic pay. Previously, the minimum basic pay ranged from P465 to P502, with an additional P10 COLA.

What is the 2nd largest region in the Philippines?

Cagayan Valley Region II or Cagayan Valley is the northernmost region in the Philippines. Its the second largest region of the Philippines in terms of land area. Most of the region lies in a large valley in northeastern Luzon, between the Cordilleras and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

What is the largest valley on Earth?

San Luis Valley of Colorado The San Luis Valley of Colorado is the largest alpine valley on earth. The Valley floor is approximately 7500 feet above sea-level and surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks many of which are 14,000 foot tall. It is the highest valley in the world capable of sustaining agriculture.

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