Question: How to make video chat your first date ?

One highly effective strategy is to first ask your match for a phone number during the online dating message exchange. Then, during the phone call, suggest chatting on Zoom, Skype or Facetime before the first date. As with any online dating conversation, youll want to nail the timing of your “ask.”

How do I make my first video date?

Do a practice call or test video before a first date. Call a friend and ask them what they think of your date look and how your background looks. Alternatively, film yourself to get an idea of what your date will see. If youre feeling nervous, this can help you calm down and feel more excited about the date.

Should you video chat before first date?

“Video chat can save you the time youd spend getting dressed and traveling to meet them, and reduce the pressure of a first date.” So why not try a little advance screening? Worse comes to worst, it costs you an awkward five-minute call.

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