Question: How can you tell a fake Les Paul?

How can you tell a genuine Les Paul?

A real Gibson Les Paul has only two screws holding on the truss rod cover. An inexpensive LP copy will have three screws. The reason is quite simple. On the inexpensive guitar, the truss rod channel is routed into the neck, and the fretboard in glued over the routed channel.

How can you tell if its a Chibson?

5:3016:09Fake Chibson vs Real Gibson (Can You Tell The Difference Between YouTube

Are Epiphone Les Pauls any good?

THEYRE A LOT CHEAPER THAN A GIBSON LES PAUL If youve always wanted a Gibson Les Paul but cant quite stretch your budget that far, then the Epiphone version is a great option. These guitars are made with meticulous attention to detail and are an absolute workhorse of a guitar.

How do you date a Les Paul?

How to date a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar6 digits or less and ink stamped: Is your serial number ink stamped like the 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special above? 6 digits or less and impressed on the back of the headstock: 3 to 6 digit serial number impressed with no Made In USA:May 20, 2021

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