Question: Did Barbie and Ken break up 2020?

The circumstances surrounding the famous couples break were hazy, though their spokespeople assured the press they split up on good terms. The flame of love has gone out, said Kens publicist, A. Russell Arons — who doubles as Mattel Inc.s (search) vice president of marketing for Barbie.

Are Barbie and Ken together 2020?

2018: Barbie and Ken are happily together for now.

Who is Barbie dating 2020?

While some on social are wondering how Barbie snagged a girlfriend before them, or when exactly she came out, Aimee Song weighed in to make the relationship Twitter-official. “I am the girlfriend,” Aimee tweeted, alongside a photo of herself and her Barbie likeness wearing her “Love Wins” t-shirts.

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