Question: Does Cell C have free Facebook?

Postpaid, Top Up and Prepaid customers on Cell C will have access to Free Basics. To qualify for FREE Facebook, Prepaid customers need to recharge every 30 days OR have a positive balance on their account.

Does Cell C have Facebook data?

Cell C offers free data for Facebook or YouTube with All-in-One bundles.

How do I put free mode on Facebook?

To make a switch from Data Mode to Free Mode, simply scroll to the top of your Facebook Page after login. You will see a pink box with the inscription “Go to Free”. Just click on it and the change is made.

How does Facebook free mode work?

When you tap the “Go to Free” button, you can comment, like or share posts anytime for FREE. Videos and photos (including profile pictures) are not viewable in the Free Mode.

What is Cell C Connect for free?

Cell Cs CONNECT4FREE gives you free access to ensure you can always connect when you most need to, whether it be for the latest news and information, finding a job or career tips, keeping healthy or just staying connected to loved ones. 5 Free Cell C to Cell C SMSs per day (from the Cell C App and website)

How do I buy data from Cell C on Facebook?

The data bundles will be priced at the same rates as they were at launch, with three different promotions on offer. Users can purchase the bundles through the Cell C mobile app or USSD menu by dialling *147# and *109#.

How can I use Facebook for free without data?

To use it, simply look into the top portion of your screen for the “Go to Free Mode” button. Click it and your social media account will automatically switch to the free mode. While using the Free Facebook mode, the button that will appear on the topmost side would signal “See Photos”.

Does Telkom have free mode on Facebook?

To connect with Telkom, join Facebook today. Telkom is on Facebook. To connect with Telkom, join Facebook today. FreeMe offers you free quality WhatsApp calls, free texts and free Wi-Fi.

How do I know if I qualify for Cell C contract?

Cell C Website > Login to Self-Service on and view details on the dashboard. Self-Service IVR > Call 135; option 1 for Manage; option 4 for Upgrade Eligibility USSD > Dial *147*9# from the cellphone number for which the upgrade query pertains to. Call 135 > Dial 135 & option 9 to speak to an agent.

How can I get free minutes on Cell C?

Dial *101# for FREE minutes, SMS and Data balances.

Can you use FB without internet?

The Facebook offline news feed works by caching your stream when you are connected. When your internet or data drops out, the Facebook app for Android – using its relevance algorithm – will continue to show the stories you havent yet read so you dont just end up with a stream full of blank content.

Why does Facebook say no data available?

If youre using a web browser to log in to your FB account, clearing your cache and cookies may help fix the problem. Disable your extensions. If youre using ad-blockers or privacy extensions, they might be interfering with Facebooks scripts triggering the “error fetching data” message. Update your browser.

How do I use Telkom free mode on Facebook?

Facebook BilaNet allows Telkom subscribers to access Facebook without the internet by dialing *32#.Daily. KSh 10.Weekly. KSh 50.Monthly. KSh 100.

Is Telkom 10210 free?

@TelkomZA on Twitter: Customers can find us on: 10210 – Service 10213 - Sales 081180 – free on mobile For more information contact:

Can you get a phone contract with poor credit?

Can you get a phone contract with poor credit? Yes, you can be approved for a phone contract on bad credit. You could also get a SIM only contract if you are struggling to be approved for a handset phone contract. If you make all the payments on time, this will actually impact your credit rating in a good way.

What is a good credit score for a cell phone?

But whats considered acceptable credit to cell phone companies? Well, if you have a subprime score (below 600), then youre likely to be denied a plan with companies like Sprint. If you choose a plan on their website, youll have to choose a credit range between excellent (700+) and fair (550 or below).

What is Cell C inclusive minutes?

The inclusive minutes can be used for calls, including Wi-Fi Calling, to any local network in South Africa but cannot be used for International Calling and Roaming and premium rated or special number calls. a. Calls to 0800 numbers are free and will not be charged for or deplete from inclusive minutes.

Is 50GB a lot of data?

50GB is roughly enough data for any one of the following: 2500 Hours browsing. 10,000 Music Tracks. 600 Hours streaming music.

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