Question: Is there a dating site for Indians?

Is Zoom app banned in India?

Amidst the India-China standoff, the Government of India has banned 118 Chinese applications. The answer to this is - No, Zoom app is not yet banned in India since it does not have a Chinese origin.

Is Zoom Safe 2020?

Zoom is far from being the only video conferencing app with security issues. Services such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex have all received flak from security experts over privacy concerns. Zoom is also prohibited from making misrepresentations about its privacy and security practices, the FTC said.

What to know before dating an Indian?

13 Things Men Should Know Before Dating A Modern Indian WomanGive her enough me time. Dont tell her to put less makeup or more. Do not intrude into her professional decisions or make her feel she is incapable of making them on her own. Do not dare to judge her for being on a dating app or for her past as a whole.More items •Apr 26, 2018

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