Question: Is there a dating app for otakus?

Maiotaku Anime Dating App It is one of the oldest anime dating sites and was started in 2009. You can build a profile listing your best anime and manga conventions and cosplays. Rate the shows you like. Once you register, you are matched with otaku ( which means geek or obsessive about something) fans in your area.

Where can I meet otakus?

If youre looking for something beyond a hookup, keep reading below for the best anime dating websites!#1: eHarmony. #2: Elite Singles. #3: MaiOtaku. #4: Kosu. #5: Anime Dating Site. #6: Anime Lovers Dating. #7: Otaku Singles. #8: Kwink.More items

How do I ask my girlfriend to cosplay?

Go to where youll find girls in cosplay, and start talking to them. I live in a large city, so there are conventions several times a year, and there are tons of cosplayers there. Cosplayers enjoy having their pictures taken. ASK FIRST, dont take a random pic if theyre eating or resting or something, thats rude.

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