Question: What should I know about dating someone with diabetes?

By all means be open about your condition, but dont dwell on it. Reminding your date every five minutes that you have diabetes, or that your blood sugar isnt under control, or that your hands are tingling because youve got nerve damage may cause them to lose interest.

What do I need to know about dating someone with diabetes?

But before asking out someone who has type 2 diabetes, keep these dos and donts in mind.Dont Play the Blame Game. Do Plan Active Dates. Dont Surprise Your Date. Do Save the Sugary Food for Later. Dont Be Nosy About Your Dates Health. Do Ask Questions That May Help You Plan. Dont Express a Fear of Needles.More items •2 Aug 2017

Is it hard to date a diabetic?

When you have a chronic disease like diabetes, dating becomes even more complicated. Try explaining to your date why you have to run to the bathroom to test your blood sugar before a meal, count carbs during dinner, or eat before you go for a walk. Theres a good chance they wont get it.

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