Question: Who is Joshua Harris wife?

Are Joshua and Shannon Harris still married?

In July 2019, Harris announced that he and his wife were separating due to significant changes [that] have taken place in both of us. Subsequently Harris would reveal that he no longer considered himself a Christian, while his wife began pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter under the name Shannon Bonne.

Who owns the Devils hockey team?

New Jersey DevilsOwner(s)New Jersey Devils LLC, a subsidiary of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (Josh Harris, chairman)General managerTom FitzgeraldHead coachLindy RuffCaptainNico Hischier17 more rows

What teams have never won a Stanley Cup?

In Summary: Here are the 11 NHL teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.Buffalo Sabres.Vancouver Canucks.San Jose Sharks.Florida Panthers.Arizona Coyotes.Nashville Predators.Winnipeg Jets.Minnesota Wild.More items •Aug 14, 2021

Why are the NJ Devils called the Devils?

The team continued to struggle, and in 1982 the franchise was again relocated, this time to New Jersey, and renamed the Devils. (The name, selected through a fan contest, originates from the Jersey Devil, a mythical creature that was said to roam the New Jersey Pine Barrens.)

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