Question: How long did Shaq and Hoopz date?

How long were Hoopz and Shaq together?

“Im still hopeful for love,” she tells xoNecole as she skims through her three-year relationship with retired NBA star Shaquille ONeal.

How long did Hoopz and Flav last?

According to Deelishis, she and Flav dated for four months after the show wrapped. One night they went to a club and got drunk together, and although she did her best to get him into the bedroom, he politely refused.

Is there a First Lady 3 movie?

First Lady 3 (2021) - IMDb.

Is there a First Lady 2?

Maria had a chance to reap revenge on the man that took her world away. Now with a bounty on her head because she killed this mans wife, a war has begun.

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