Question: How to make a relationship with an Aries work?

Engage him in friendly, passionate arguments. Aries men love to argue — its like a sport to them. When youre hanging out together, strike up an argument about a topic youre both interested in, like sports, movies or music. Dont let the argument turn into a fight; it should just be a friendly back and forth.

What do Aries need in relationships?

Aries needs to be listened to and they love receiving compliments. So if you want your Aries to feel loved, dont be afraid to let them know how youre feeling. They also need a partner who understands their need for alone time, so an ideal partner will be independent and very direct.

Do Aries relationships work?

Two Aries together makes for an incredibly intense relationship. You may have heated fights, but you both enjoy this, so it wont tear you down. This match allows both Aries partners to really mobilize in the world and not feel tied down—which is one of the most important aspects of a relationship for an Aries.

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