Question: Who is Logan currently dating?

Logan Paul is currently rumored to be dating fellow social media personality Charly Jordan. The model and DJ has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 6.1 million followers on TikTok.

Is Logan dating Amanda?

Amanda Cerny Amanda and Logan dated in 2016, and lucky for us, they pretty much vlogged the entire thing! They were seriously goals, but they havent really been linked to one another since 2017.

Who is Jake Paul dating right now 2021?

Jake Paul has a new girlfriend in 2021! The YouTuber confirmed he is dating Julia Rose in a TikTok video.

When did Melissa and Logan break up?

The pair even posted pictures with each other on their Instagram handle and made proclamations of love in the captions. However, in the November 24 episode of Impaulsive, he accidentally let it slip that they have called it quits.

Who cheated on Logan?

A week later, Lovell, one of Logans friends, revealed on his Instagram that Chilly was actually the one that cheated on Logan, saying that she had been cheating on him for 3 years and that she was a gold digger, only staying with Logan for his wealth and fame and that she was buying a lot of expensive materials.

Why did Rory not marry Logan?

9 Made The Right Decision: She Continued On Her Career Path On Her Own Terms. Rory was always single-minded about being a reporter and traveling. Rory made the right choice when she said no to Logans marriage proposal because she was able to continue on her career path and follow her heart.

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