Question: Who has Holly Madison dated?

Which boy band did Holly Madison date?

While filming Hollys World, Madison romanced rocker Benji Madden — but producers were furious at her reluctance to bring the relationship to reality TV. He eventually ended it after her people reached out to his team in a last-ditch attempt to make him appear on the show.

Who is the comedian Holly Madison dated?

Holly Madison and Zak Bagans first connected back in 2019, after Madison visited the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. After two years of dating, TMZ reported on February 25, 202, that the former Playboy model and the Ghost Adventures host had called it quits weeks earlier.

Is Holly Madison in a relationship?

Previous playboy stars relationships explored As a previous Playboy model, Holly Madison has had relationship encounters with many more people aside from Hugh Hefner… Hollys most recently known relationship involves Ghost Adventures lead Zak Bagans. The pair dated for two years before their breakup in February 2021.

Who is Holly Madison baby daddy?

Pasquale Rotella Former Playboy playmate Holly Madison and her concert promoter husband, Pasquale Rotella, have welcomed a second baby, a son, they announced late Monday.

How old is Holly Madison?

41 years (December 23, 1979) Holly Madison/Age

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