Question: Can you hook up an RV to a house sewer?

There are a few ways to accomplish setting up an RV sewer hookup at home. They are hooking up to the existing public sewer system, hooking up to your private septic system, or installing a sewer tank. But if its legal, its as simple as hooking up your sewer at a campground.

Can you hook up an RV to a house septic tank?

The short answer is that yes, it is possible to connect your RV into your septic tank, but you need to make sure that you do it correctly.

How do you hook up PVC pipe to RV?

Slip a 3-inch flexible connector onto the hose side of a 45-degree RV drain outlet adapter. Twist the adapter onto the RV drain outlet. Slip the cut length of PVC pipe into the other side of the flexible connector. Tighten the provided clamps on the connector with a screwdriver.

How do you hook up an RV without sewer?

Use a composting toilet—If you think you will be spending a lot of time off grid and without sewer connections, you might want to think about getting a composting toilet. They use absolutely no water and you can potentially combine your black and grey tank to extend your grey water waste tank capacity.

What size is RV sewer pipe?

3 inches The size of a camper sewer line is 3 inches in diameter. The rigid pipe used for the camper sewer outlet is 3 inches, as is the diameter of sewer hoses that connect to the RVs waste outlet pipe.

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