Question: Where is the safest place in BC?

What part of BC gets the most sunshine?

Victoria is the sunniest city in B.C. and one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Compared with 2,203 hours at Victoria Gonzales, the Victoria Airport averages 2,109 hours and Vancouver Airport gets 1938 hours.

Where should I move in BC 2021?

Best places to live in British Columbia in 2021Fort St. John, BC.Whistler, BC.Squamish, BC.Delta, BC.North Vancouver, BC.West Vancouver, BC.Vancouver, BC.Jun 10, 2020

Is there a lot of crime in BC?

In 2019, BCs crime rate increased 17.3% from 2018, from 74.3 to 87.1 offences per 1,000 population. attributable in part to the adoption of changes to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) scoring rules by BC police agencies in 2019, described in detail on Page 2.

Where does it rain the least in BC?

Data provided by Environment Canada shows average precipitation levels dropping as you reach closer to the southwestern corner of the region. This means Deltas coastal community of Tsawwassen is the sunniest and least rainiest area in all of Metro Vancouver.

Where is the warmest place in BC?

Victoria, British Columbia Victoria, British Columbia Victoria, British Columbia holds the title for the warmest city in Canada during the winter. Daily average highs reach 9°C and nightly lows only drop to around 4°C. Average annual snowfall is low at 25 cm. Victoria only has one day per year where the temperature will drop below zero.

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