Question: What is the easiest spot to bruise?

Where are you most likely to bruise?

As you get older, your skin gets thinner and loses much of its fatty layer. Theres no “cushion” to protect blood vessels, so they can break more easily. Women tend to bruise more easily than men -- especially from slight injuries on their upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. Easy bruising sometimes runs in families, too.

What is considered bruising easily?

Medical causes of easy bruising Aplastic anemia (bone marrow disorder) Autoimmune disorders. Cirrhosis (liver scarring) Clotting disorders, such as hemophilia or von Willebrands disease (hereditary disorders of blood clotting)

What looks like a bruise but is not a bruise?

Purpura might look like bruises, but they are not caused by an injury as most regular bruises are. Petechiae dont look like bruises. They are tiny, flat, red or purple spots in the skin, but they are different than the tiny, flat, red spots or birthmarks (hemangiomas) that are present all the time.

Can you bruise without getting hit?

Many things can cause you or your child to have unexplained bruises on your legs. You most likely just bruise more easily than others, and therefore dont remember the injury or bump that caused the bruise. In other cases, bruising can result from a medication, supplement, or underlying health condition.

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