Question: Is it weird for a guy to be a flight attendant?

Men are now welcome to apply and become flight attendants as long as they meet the requirements and complete all training. Do for all the guys reading this who would love to get paid to meet people and travel, the answer is YES!

Can straight guys be flight attendants?

There are no straight male flight attendants.

Do you have to be attractive to be a flight attendant?

Looks arent everything, but they are important You might have heard flight attendants back in the day had to fit a certain physical mold, and thats true. These days, you dont have to be a slim and slender supermodel to land the gig, but you do need to be presentable.

Are male flight attendants in demand?

While 78% of flight attendants are female, currently, more and more men vie for the highly sought-after position as a flight attendant for several reasons.

Is Alex really dead in The Flight Attendant?

In the final episode, it was revealed that it was Buckley (real name Felix) who killed Alex. He was hired to kill him by Victor, who was Mirandas boss at Lionfish. Read more: How can you watch The Flight Attendant in the UK?

Is Max dead in The Flight Attendant?

Annies boyfriend Max survived being trampled by a car, which definitely helped Annie and Cassies friendship to stay intact, since it appeared Annie was going to excise her friend completely had Maxs health situation gone the other way.

What are the odds of becoming a flight attendant?

Historically, there has been around a 1% hiring rate. In other words, your chances of getting hired is 1 out of 100. In 2019, it is estimated that airlines received over 1,500,000 flight attendant applications. One of the first places airlines look for flight attendants is The Travel Academys flight attendant school.

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