Question: What happens when you send a smile on eHarmony?

The online equivalent of a smile across a room, these consist of simple messages like, “Your profile brought a smile to my face!”, or, “It seems we live close to each other, lets talk!” This is an easy way of feeling out your matchs interest with little commitment.

What does a smile on eHarmony mean?

Click the envelope if you want to send a message to them or respond to a message theyve sent you. Click the face if you want to send a “smile” to show that youre interested in them, but dont know what to ask or say to them yet. If you have a paid account, you can click the photo to see their other pictures.

What do stars mean on eHarmony?

As you carefully review your matches and find members who youd like to get to know better, add them to your Favorites tab so you can easily find them again. Simply click on the star icon in their picture or mark them as a Favorite in the menu.

What happens when you send an icebreaker on eHarmony?

In your “New Messages”, youll see a new notification when your match sends an Icebreaker. You can either view the results, take your own Icebreaker or respond with a message. The Icebreaker game can be repeated as often as you like with a match – each time with different pairs of pictures.

Can you tell if someone has read your message on eHarmony?

When you are on the Message tab, when you send communication to a match, you will see a single green checkmark. When the match has read your message, there will be two checkmarks.

What is the highest score on eHarmony?

Your compatibility points can be found on the top right-hand corner of each of your matches. Our compatibility points system, which range from 60 to 140, are based on you and your matches combined Compatibility Quiz results and preferences.

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